13 Common Foods That Could Secretly Contain Insects

If the thought of eating bugs makes you squirm, we have some bad news: You have probably been chowing down on these many-legged creatures for a long time. 1 / 14 Tomasz Klejdysz/Shutterstock Insects in my food? Say what?! You eat an average of one to two pounds of flies, maggots, and other bugs each […]

6 Simple Tips for Developing a Natural Spring

Venturing into the woods with my late grandfather to fill up gallon jugs with water from a natural spring he found and tapped himself is one of my favorite childhood memories. I never thought much about it back then. Walking a quarter mile or so into the wooded hills to collect the family’s drinking water […]

The inner core of the Earth has just stopped spinning.

The spin of Earth’s inner core has slowed down and “paused.” Scientists think this happens about every 70 years or so when the core starts to spin in a different direction. A new study says that there is a direct link between how fast the inner core spins and how life works on the surface […]

Doomsday Clock at record 90 seconds to midnight amid Ukraine crisis

Scientists warn of ‘unprecedented danger’ and say ‘Russia’s war … has raised profound questions’ Written by Julian Borger Published by The Guardian A panel of international scientists has warned that humanity’s continued existence is at greater risk than ever before, largely as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists […]

There May Not Be Enough Food For Everyone in 2023

David Beasley, the head of the World Food Programme, talked to TIME about why he is worried about 2023. A decade ago TIME asked your predecessor whether the planet would always able to produce enough food for everyone. She said yes. Do you feel that way? I think we will struggle with having enough food […]

Achieve Food Self-Sufficiency

Learn the essentials of organic, no-till vegetable gardening with a special focus on composting, succession planting and winter gardening. The Natural Way We believe that the time proven systems in nature are the best way to grow plants. Our gardening principles teach our students to work with nature to maximize success in the garden. We […]

An asteroid will pass close by Earth this week. Here’s how to watch it live

By Brett Tingley published about 18 hours ago The asteroid will pass between Earth and satellites in geostationary orbit. Click here for more Space.com videos… A newly discovered asteroid will come very close to Earth this week. Asteroid 2023 BU measures between 12 and 28 feet wide (3.8 to 8.5 meters), and was just discovered […]

A Home Of Free Chicken Coop Plans

Building a chicken coop is an essential part of raising chickens. It takes time and money, but if done right, it can provide a safe and comfortable place for your birds to live, ensuring they stay healthy and happy. Thankfully, building one requires only basic woodworking skills, and a detailed plan can help create a comfortable […]

‘Fifteen-minute cities,’ gaining traction in a post-pandemic world, are already here in Arlington

While the pandemic prompted a well-documented exodus to, and development of, sleepy suburban and exurban towns, the Rosslyn Business Improvement District says it has identified a different Covid migration pattern. About a quarter of Americans reported moving to cities where they could be within a 15-minute walk or bike ride of grocery stores, healthcare and […]

How To Make Free Liquid Fertilizer From Almost Anything with this Ancient Method